Realistic 3D Models of your property or object- Anywhere, anytime!

We offer 3D Showcases that are useful for a wide variety of businesses. Hotels, galleries, real estate or restauration objects – being able to represent your property online will be even more important in the near future. We offer affordable, 4k-resolution 3D Models, which are accessable from every device at every day of the year.

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November 2018 – More than a 3Dshowcase. Multimedia and a guided virtual Tour
at Schloss Drachenburg.

Explore our guided virtual tour inkluding AUDIO-GUIDE and historical Movies

Click on the picture to experience this fantastic 3D Showcase


February 2018 – We have released our 3Dshowcases. Turning solitaires into
Groups of 3D showcases
that are integrated into their local environment.
An interactive overview map helps with orientation.

Navigate through parks or entire towns and discover new environmets.

Click on the image to visit to our virtual tours.

June 2018 – The Klais organ inside the Schlosskirche, Bonn: craftsmanship in its noblest form.
Climb behind the organ and take a detailed look at the inside of this organ.


Experience interesting views from inside the organ, audio sample included!

Click on the picture to experience this fantastic 3D Showcase


October 2017: We realised the biggest object, that has ever been scanned by a Matterport-Service-Partner (MSP) worldwide. See below:

Enter spaces inside, that are closed in reality!

Click on the picture to experience this fantastic 3D Showcase

August 2017: Because of the strong success of our services,
we decided to invest in a new 3Dshowcase production unit.


As sharp as your eye – 4k resolution!

Click on the picture to experience this Showcase in 4k


June 2017: Now we can link all types of media (Video, Stills, PDF etc.)
to your 3D Showcases to make it more versatile.

Spice up your 3D Showcase!

Click on the orange buttons to see the videos in this Showcase

May 2017: Only three month after starting our 3Dshowcase services,
we were selected to become an official Matterport Service Partner (MSP).


Use your mouse or finger to navigate through 3D Showcases easily.


3D Showcase plays right on any Internet connected device, without additional Apps needed.


Dollhouse View, Inside View, Floorplan and VR View (Virtual Reality) are part of your 3D Showcase. Click on the small pictures above, to explore more of our 3D Showcases.


Your 3D Showcase will be delivered within a few days. For pricing details contact us via eMail or call +49-228-53 68 687

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